A Mother for Choco

Processed with Rookie Cam

Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrating all mothers with this beautiful book. A Mother for Choco is a moving story with a beautiful message about family. A cute little bird named Choco doesn’t have a mother, so he sets off to find one. He finds many animals, but when he asks if they are his mother, they each respond by telling him they can’t be his mother because they don’t look like him. Discouraged, Choco begins to cry. Mrs. Bear finds him and asks what’s wrong, so he explains that he is looking for a mother. Mrs. Bear holds and comforts Choco just like tells her a mother would. She asks if he would like her to be his mother, but Choco is confused because they don’t look the same. I want to tell you the end, but I’ll let you discover it for yourself. Author Keiko Kasza wrote a touching story about family. Sometimes we have to find our family. Sometimes our family doesn’t look like us. Families can change and grow in many different ways. Being family isn’t defined by birth, it’s is about love that sees no such limitation.

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