Time for more Peter H. Reynolds ❤️! Ish is a great book with a great message. Ish is about a boy named Ramon that loves to draw. But one day, after his brother laughed at one of his drawings, Ramon doesn’t think his drawings are good enough. He tries and tries to make them perfect, but after many attempts, he gives up drawing all together. I won’t give away what happens after that, but read this awesome book to find out how Ramon rediscovers his love of drawing! I love to read this book to my kids for so many reasons, but one of the biggest things I want my kids to take away is that it’s okay to not do things perfectly, and don’t let the pursuit of perfection ruin the joy something brings us. I also love that it shows there are all kinds of beauty, and something does need to be perfect to be beautiful and treasured.

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I bought this book as a part of a Peter H. Reynolds 3 pack sold by Scholastic. I got one set for us and another as a gift. These books are so amazing and Scholastic is a perfect place to shop for deals if you’re on a budget. I have no affiliation to Scholastic in any way, but I do buy a lot of books from them. I just think they have great deals on books and that is helpful when building a collection of books you love.

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